Black Sheriff

Em Drügge Pitter, Köln

Sa, 25. März

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25. März 2023 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Em Drügge Pitter, Venloer Str. 416, 50825 Köln, Deutschland
Über das Event

Black Sheriff are the Irish / German Rock n Roll bastardisation of The Dead Boys, Mötley Crüe and KISS.

Formed in 2006 in Cologne, Germany by Glen Clarke and Tom Krämer the band exploded onto the scene with their self titled debut album.

Playing and writing as much as they could the boys burned out a bunch of bass players, drummers  and a founding member until the current lineup recorded the up and coming masterpiece, aptly entitled  „Time To Burn“.

The band has played in front of thousands one day and in front of 5 folk the next, do they give a fuck? Do they give less? No !!

„It doesn´t matter how many people you play for, that one guy in the corner payed his 10 bucks to see a show and that´s what he´s gonna get“.

Songs like Night Terrors , Vietnam, Snakeskin Pillow, Nighttime Ride, Supersonic or Dance, Dance, Dance just wanna make you shake your ass and grab the nearest alcohol filled vessel!!