FYI: Islandman ° Wien - Popsicle Obstacle Tour 2023

Flucc & Flucc Wanne, Wien So, 10. Dez. 2023

10. Dezember 2023 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Flucc & Flucc Wanne, Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien, Österreich
Über das Event

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ORIENT/ATION an Eventseries to highlight the multicultural identity of the viennese Clubculture by involving the local DJ ́s, Musicians and Artist. To use the Clubspace before the party as a community space for discourses, workshops, panel discussions where people can meet, connect & discuss before the party starts, around the topics: Postmigration Culture & Art. To also establish a counter-image to the current dismantle tired orientalist perceptions, how people from the middle east have to look and sound like. 

The mission is to highlight the diverse Clubculture in Vienna and to create a new unthought space beyond the western and Eurocentric knowledge and cosmology. It is important to highlight a distorted and stereotypical image of the so called „Orient“, and to celebrate a new narrative, beyond the perceptions of popular one- dimensional Orientalist ideas, by creating a safe space within the Clubculture to offer new ways of ORIENT-ATION within the Viennese Art Scene. 

The Eventserie is important for Vienna because it would establish a sincere idea and value: music transcends borders, artists transcend their origins – if not themselves – and dancefloors connect people in a beautiful, memorable way. It would open new unthought spaces for future visions beyond the western knowledge and cosmology. This is important to make plural and multi- perspective narratives a subject of discussion in Vienna in which marginalized identities, perspectives and realities of life can be addressed and made visible. 


The focus is on national and international artists who are looking for progressive approaches to invent and mix all kind of “Eastern” music with electronic sounds, who understand its codes, such as complex rhythmic structures and re-interpret it in a new and experimental way. 

Although Vienna is home to a diverse, and sophisticated music scene, there are few places that allow you to engage with music outside of commercial and Eurocentristic spaces. In this carefully selected section we will highlight artist who are oscillating between their own cultural heritage and modern identity. 


Digital tools for music production are often perceived as the land of opportunity. Technology is shrouded in a narrative of democratization, progress, and artistic freedom. But there are several sides to that story. In our Pannels we want to help counter the cultural asymmetry embedded in modern music-making tools, which share a bias inherited from Western music theory and culture, through different approaches , but trying not to lose the sense of identity, which is relating and intersects to both. So the main question that we want to discuss collectively is what we are bringing, what we’re not noticing through our own filter or the lens through which we see or hear the world. 

Inviting guests with SWANA Region Background who can participate and share their knowledge but also party together.

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