Hafen 2, Offenbach am Main Sa, 24. Feb.

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24. Februar 2024 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:30 Uhr
Hafen 2, Nordring 129, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
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Coming off the back of her gothic shoegaze debut album “Euphoric Recall” released in 2021, MØAA unleashes her new album “Jaywalker” via WWNBB Records; a nocturnal dream pop record featuring pulsing 909 drum machines submerged under catchy hushed vocals and glistening, reverb laden guitars. Fuzzed out bass lines from the first album have been swapped out with fat chorus and throbbing synths built for melancholic dancing. As with “Euphoric Recall”, MØAA worked in the studio with collaborator Andrea Volpato (formerly of New Candys) who coproduced, mixed, and recorded “Jaywalker” at Fox Studio in Seattle, Washington. Since the inception of the project in 2021 by Seattle born artist Jancy Buffington, MØAA has headlined tours in the United States, Europe, and the UK, performed at the official SXSW 2022 showcase, Ypsigrock Festival in Sicily, MIL Festival in Lisbon, and shared the stage with artists like Yves Tumor at Artivive Festival in Modena and Film School on a US west coast tour. MØAA also has a full US “Jaywalker” tour slated for October and November 2023 following the album’s release and a European tour in February of 2024.

Exploring dark memories and nostalgia, MØAA’s dream-drenched debut album “Euphoric Recall" pulls listeners through a brooding atmosphere with a thick driving rhythm. The solo project was first conceived by Seattle born musician Jancy Rae when she began writing and recording demos as an outlet to process a troubled past. More than halfway through writing the album she went across the world to Venice, Italy where the album was recorded, mixed, and produced by Andrea Volpato (formerly of New Candys) at Fox Studio Venice. Euphoric Recall was released on April 2nd 2021 via the American Italian label WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring) and it's success brought the project on tour in multiple continents; in Europe sharing the stage with Yves Tumor at Arti Vive Festival in Modena, performances at Ypsigrock Festival in Sicily and MIL Festival in Lisbon (PT), and headlining dates in the UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Italy. In the United States MØAA performed at SXSW 2022 as part of the official showcase which was followed by a headlining tour down the west coast from Seattle to LA. Another US west coast tour took place in January 2023 with LA shoegazers, Film School.

“The soundscapes Jancy constructs are alluringly atmospheric and subtly beautiful. She combines an undeniable gift for melody with thick dream pop aesthetics as she conjures darkly charming newfound textures.” (Under the Radar Magazine)

“Seattle’s MØAA takes you on a trek through this dark night of the soul. In this lush number, the whispering vocals drift over dreamy pop hooks, an eerie synth-scape, and driving beat.” (Post-Punk Magazine)

“They lure the listener in with an eerie invitation to return to where you’ve buried all your darkest emotions.” (CVLT Nation)

“Jancy Rae has recently introduced her dreampop project MØAA with the notable debut single, Exist, now followed with another track and video which further exhibit the rising act's artistic vision for an alluring, gazey, psychedelic-bent sound and all-embracing tasteful aesthetics.”
(Destroy & Exist)






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