Club Zentral, Stuttgart Fr, 23. Feb.

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23. Februar 2024 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Club Zentral, Hohe Str. 9, 70174 Stuttgart, Deutschland
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'Rulaman' stands for soaring, psychedelic soundscapes, woven from an earthy rooted and analog sound. Thundering guitar riffs, stomping drums, and heavy basses create the unique stylistic character of these young musicians. Founded in a small German town in 2015, they quickly gained local success under the name ‘TheHace’. Starting as a four-piece, they played every local show the band could get their hands on playing ever-growing crowds. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018, they released their first EP ‘Peacemaker’ in mid 2019. Soon after, drummer Lukas Neubert left the band to be replaced by Nils Kunze, forming a grooving symbiosis with bassist Joel Büttner. After a turbulent start to 2020, they began reflecting on their musical identity, which led to the departure of their former singer. Under the new name ‘Rulaman’ and as a three-piece, with vocal duties shifting to guitarist Felix Berns the band began working on new material and new ideas. With their self-titled EP Rulaman, they continue their travels through the realm of psychedelic music, adding darker sounds while maintaining the essence of their musical vision. 2023 will finally mark the release of their first feature length LP via Tonzonen Records. It is yet another milestone in the discography of the band. ‘To Serve The Dune’ is now available to pre-order and is set to release on January 27th 2023. Rulaman continue to look into a bright future of psychedelic rock and a steady path of musical endeavours.

Formed 2018 in Stuttgart, Lone Gpsy is your gateway to a sonic expedition that fuses Heavy Psychedelic Rock and Stoner Rock. Drawing inspiration from the '70s rock ethos, the trio’s music is a balance between the thunderous and the tender. Emerging from where low ends meet stone bottom, where dim lights embrace fuzzy vintage harmonies, and where slow and heavy riffs capture the essence of raw emotion.

HIGH PRIEST OF HAZE were founded in 2023 as part of the stoner doom scene in Southern Germany. Their instrumental-only style clearly draws on influences from the New Orleans sludge pioneers. Raw guitar sound and dynamic bass lines combined under the influence of nuanced drums create a mixture reminiscent of the old genre greats.

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