Made By Desire

15,00 €

ÄTNA have launched their long-awaited debut album „Made By Desire“. Employing elements of dramatically different movements and genres, Inéz and Demian – a creative partnership of equals – create an avant-garde ‘work of art’ in the very best sense of the phrase, integrating fashion and design into their music. Don’t stop? Won’t Stop! No matter how hard people might argue about it these days, in the end unity seems to be the only solution. Everything’s connected – individual and society, music and aesthetics, composition and deconstruction. It’s impossible to ignore the bigger picture and ÄTNA are a band that include this understanding deep into their artistic DNA. Apparently opposing forces are united as the duo explore the boundaries between accessibility and abstraction. It turns out that strong emotional notion and a certain sense for eclecticism can work together pretty well.


1 Won't Stop

2 Touch My Fantasy

3 Come To Ne

4 Ruining My Brain

5 Made By Desire

6 Try

7 If You Were Gone

8 La La La La La

9 Like That Game

10 As Fast As I