Push Life (Standard Black Vinyl)

27,00 €

With their debut album "Made By Desire" (released in 2020), it was already clear: ÄTNA create anything but norm pop. Instead, more artful stimulation. ÄTNA introduced themselves as avant-garde sounding artists with a strong grasp of catchy hooks and driving rhythms to a growing fanbase in Germany, as well as the UK and Eastern Europe. After features with Solomun and MEUTE, there was no longer any doubt about their versatility.

The duo is a powerhouse of creativity and musical innovation. It is logical that boundaries must inevitably be blown up in the process: those of genres, but also gender, role conceptions, stylistic conventions of all kinds and long-established ideas of what music can and should be allowed to do. In this way, the second album, once again produced by Moses Schneider, has become edgier and at the same time more accessible. In accordance with the album title, life fizzes on "Push Life" from all cracks and pores of the songs - like an organic being. Flat synths, distorted voices, detuned basses - everything is possible. They create a completely unique sound that is free of any stylistic conventions. Their style is indefinable, their stage presence immense, their creativity boundless: ÄTNA have achieved what many consider impossible in these times. From the underground to one of the most sought-after live acts in Europe and, at the same time, one of the most innovative new electronic music projects. The mission statement was as steep as it was hard for the duo, and yet, at least since their impressive debut, ÄTNA only know one direction: up. ÄTNA's visual world is the consistent implementation of their musical versatility, another mosaic piece of their multiverse of sound, design, fashion, movement and language, virtuality and weirdness.

In a world where tolerance of ambiguity, i.e. enduring ambiguous situations, is becoming an increasingly important skill, Demian and Inéz deliver the soundtrack for it.


1 Anymore

2 Smile

3 Trick By Trick

4 Aye Aye

5 Lonely

6 Weirdo feat. Meute

7 I See Love

8 Autobahn

9 Flow

10 Goodbye