PRIVATCLUBKonzerteWoody Woodstock x Pholexia

Woody Woodstock x Pholexia - Double Release Show | Support: Hulo & Victoria

Privatclub, Berlin Do, 30. Mai

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30. Mai 2024 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Privatclub, Skalitzer Str. 85-86, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland
Über das Event

Woody Woodstock Bio: 
‘I express myself musically and reflect and comment on it visually.’ Meet Woody Woodstock, a 27-year-old artist, songwriter, and producer who takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the realms of love, death, religion, politics, and his role in it all. With the Woodstock Family by his side—his talented band and international team of creatives —Woody invites you to explore his world with the innocence of curiosity and an open heart. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like The Rolling Stones, Queen, and Childish Gambino, Woody infuses their spirit into his unique sound and captivating performances. Influenced by the magic of theater that he experienced as a child when his grandfather took him to shows, Woody's music is a compelling fusion of art and music. His genre, Theatrical RockHop, is a unique fusion of rock, hip-hop, and theatrical elements that sets him apart in the music scene. Woody's band members are:Kaheke van de Pas (Vocals, Netherlands)
N'Dea Smit (Vocals, Netherlands)
Juan de Oliveira (Guitar, Spain)
José Carlos Galvis (Bass, Ecuador)
Friedrich Peters (Keys, Germany)
Declan Ward (Drums, England)

Pholexia Bio:
Pholexia is a five-piece based in Berlin, with Ilona Tuomala on vocals, Joona Keturi on lead guitar, Hidde Sights on bass, Felix Löhr on guitar, and Jens Bosman on drums. 
Originally from Vaasa, Finland, Ilona and Joona started Pholexia in 2018. They thank Catfish and the Bottlemen and their song 'Cocoon’, which brought them together. ‘That music that everyone else around us was too cool to listen to, like Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Kooks - we grew up with it. Finding each other was a click that not only made us share our favorite songs - it also created a tone for the music we make. 
In 2021, Pholexia marked a significant milestone with the release of their debut EP, 'Blackout.' Produced in collaboration with award-winning producer and songwriter Janne Hyöty and local producer Petri Rönn. 
‘In our songs, we are brutally honest, sometimes self-critic, sometimes playful, sometimes the luckiest people on Earth, and sometimes we want to hide from the whole world, but we always have a story to tell. Can you relate?’ 
Now Pholexia is excited to share the release of their upcoming single, 'A Song You Should Forget.' Recorded at the renowned Trixx Studios, this powerful track dives into the depths of self- hatred, offering a raw and introspective message of inner struggles. The single showcases Pholexia's commitment to delivering emotionally loud and bittersweet music.

Co-Veranstalter: Diana Verescagina