Blaqrock, Her Skin

Hafen 2, Offenbach am Main

So, 14. Mai

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14. Mai 2023 - 16:00 Uhr
Einlass 15:30 Uhr
Hafen 2, Nordring 129, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
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Ein Nachmittag mit zwei Konzerten:

16.00 Uhr Her Skin
17.15 Uhr Blaqrock

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Beginn 16 Uhr, Eintritt im Vorverkauf und an der Tageskasse 10 Euro.




Im November kurzfristig krankheitsbedingt ausgefallen... nun endlich zum ersten Mal im Hafen 2!

"Ein fetter Mix aus den Beastie Boys und RATM nimmt unsauf frappierend authentische Art mit auf eine Reise in die Vergangenheit, die aber in der Gegenwartstattfindet. Sozialkritische Texte, zeitgemäßer Sound und energiegeladene Präsenz harmonieren undfunktionieren auf einem Level, dass sich viele Acts nur augenrollend um einen fünften Akkordbemühen.Was da künftig noch kommt? Viel! Wegen ihres ungeschminkten Idealismus gehören Blaqrock eindeutig zur Zukunftsmusik dieser schnöden Welt." (Rola Music)


"Blaqrock is a talented collective from Chicago that combines elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and modern-day Rock into one energetic collage of sound. Fresh off their debut EP, ‘No Love for Blaqkid’. The song, ‘Kicks’, shows off that raw and unfiltered energy and provides listeners with a sample of their EP anyone else is intrigued. If you need something to energize and a tune to mosh to, give Blaqrock a spin." - GRUNGECAKE

 "No Love for Blaqkid is a five-track, 21-minute exercise in musical virtuosity as well as a small lyrical snapshot into the life of one individual growing up on Chicago’s Southside. The musicianship is tight and cohesive in its exploration of many different moods and musical styles, and vocalist Gardner McFadden’s vocal performances are vivid, somber and revealing." - CHICAGO NOW


Bleach (My Hair)

I Became My Brother

live at Punk Black Fest Chicago 2022




I Started A Garden ist der wohl schönste Album-Titel, den wir uns vorstellen können. Die im Herbst letzten Jahres erschienene Platte ist das Debüt der aus Modena stammenden Sara Ammendolia, die als Her Skin bereits einmal im Hafen 2 spielte. Die Album-Release-Tour fand mit kompletter Band statt, zu wievielt sie im Mai touren wird, ist noch etwas offen. In jedem Fall freuen wir uns sehr. 


Her Skin (Sara Ammendolia) is an italian singer and songwriter. She was born and raised in Modena (IT) and she started writing songs and performing acoustic shows in 2013. In 2016 Sara co-founded Tempura Dischi, an italian independent label and later that year she self-published two EPs Goodbyes and Endings and Head Above the Deep . In 2017 she toured across Italy and began landing support gigs with acts like Kele Okereke (Bloc Party). In February 2018, Her Skin released her debut album Find a Place to Sleep via We Were Never Being Boring Collective (WWNBB). Since the release of the album Her Skin has been touring clubs and festivals of international relevance such as Ypsigrock and Home Festival.

“The Modena, Italy based artist pens music that entertains aspects of thought & desire through honest song. The places in our hearts & souls where we keep our inmost feelings are strummed out in minimalist nu-folk ballads that offer senses of comfort & peace amid the tumult & turbulence found in our collective lives & times.” - Impose Magazine

One of the most romantic things about the internet sometimes is how distances and time disappear. So it goes that on a hot July afternoon, with the car struggling to keep the a/c pumping semi-cold air while driving up and down Nevada City and reading the incoming emails, a soundcloud link starts playing and Prickly Pear sticks to your skin like an embrace on the beach. In a summer night. Under the stars. With a long gone love (you get the point!). That’s how Her Skin entered our hearts on a sunny July afternoon, and that’s why we are very excited to finally release “Find a Place to Sleep” and the ten tracks that introduce to us Sara Ammendolia with her lyrics, her voice, her plucked guitar and her whole world. A world that unwinds between the sunny roads to Sicily and the flutter of emotions that fall close to being matched. A world told through a delicate folk able to emotionally entice the listener with Sara’s warm voice. Find a Place to Sleep is now available for streaming or download everywhere, while through our Bandcamp pages is possible to buy the limited edition custom packaged CD.



It's Hard To Breathe / I Started A Garden