Dark Monday - The Heart Of A Song by Jadi Campbell

Kulturzentrum Merlin, Stuttgart Mo, 5. Aug.

5. August 2024 - 20:00 Uhr
Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Kulturzentrum Merlin, Augustenstraße 72, 70178 Stuttgart, Deutschland
Über das Event

Once again, NEAT has asked author Jadi Campbell to collaborate with us on a music project and to write an original text that integrates a specific number of chosen songs into a captivating storyline. This new project features The Stuttgart Harmonizers. Barbershop ​harmony ​is ​a ​style ​of ​unaccompanied ​vocal ​music ​characterized ​by ​consonant ​four-part ​chords ​for ​every ​melody ​note; ​the ​same ​word ​sounds ​at ​the ​same ​time.

In ​cooperation ​with: ​DAZ ​– ​Deutsch-Amerikanisches ​Zentrum, ​Staatministerin ​für ​Kultur ​und ​Medien, ​Kulturverein ​Merlin ​e.V.

VVK 6 € zzgl. Gebühren / AK 8 €

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Foto © Uka Meissner deRuiz