Brutality Will Prevail

Farewell Tour 2022 - Special Guest: Last Witness

JuHa West, Stuttgart

Sun, Sep 18,

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Sep 18, 2022 - 20:00 o'clock
Einlass 19:30 Uhr
JuHa West, Bebelstraße 26, 70193 Stuttgart, Germany
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JuHa West
Kingstar Music
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Kingstar Music presents
European Farewell Tour 2022
Special Guest: Last Witness
Local Support: Minus Youth

Cinematic metal influenced hardcore tuned to drop HELL on downers. Slow, thick and sludgy, BWP are like a suffocating black tar or a steamroller hellbent on a slow march to Hades. Beneath it all shards of strewn melodies and refrains drag you even further into this bands HEAVY F**KING SHIT.
The upcoming sixth album release Misery Sequence from Brutality Will Prevail is a mix of doom, metal and hardcore the band is known for but pushed to a new limit after grinding for years to ensure this is the record it needs to be. The band experiments with new sounds across the board while still keeping it dark, low and provoking. Misery Sequence reflects on the bands past and present as a whole and is a product of all efforts combined in arguably their best record so far.
Heavy. Haunting. Death. Misery Sequence.