Caroline & the Invisible Orchestra + Autobird at Prachtwerk Berlin


Mon, Oct 3, 2022

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October 3, 2022 - 20:00
Doors at 19:30
PRACHTWERK, Ganghoferstraße 2, 12043 Berlin, Germany
About the event

Caroline & the Invisible Orchestra + Autobird at Prachtwerk Berlin

The Swedish band Caroline & the Invisible Orchestra is coming to Prachtwerk Berlin on the 3rd of October during their Europe tour.

Let yourself be transported to a parallel realm where the magic of reality rules and the ancient nordic goddesses whisper with majestic voices in your ear; that you too are more powerful than you can imagine…
With voice, double base, keys, wind chimes, rain pipes, electronic sounds and singing bowls Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra invites you to a dynamic concert of ancient nordic herding calls, jazz, folk music, improvisation and storytelling.

Swedish visual artist Emma Ström will be painting live art during the concert that accompanies the stories told in and between the songs. Multi artist Autobird will be doing enchanting visuals as well as adding to the songs with his exploratory electronic sounds. Autobird together with Emma Ström will take over the stage after the break and bring the beat slightly up to some chill dancing vibes with soft experimental electro punk.

Doors: 19:30
Show 20:00

12 Euro - Advanced
15 Euro- at the Door.

Links to Caroline & the Invisible Orchestra:

Link to Autobird:

Fun fact:
Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra is a music project that came about when Caroline Pehrson was travelling Europe in her self converted van. In every place she came to she met up with a musician and created a new original piece together, recorded it and travelled to the next place, met up with the next musician etc. She called it “the Backwards tour” since she started without music and ended up with an album. Now she is going back to all the places where the music was created together with a band and meets up with the artists that was part of creating the music. This time it’s “the Forwards tour”.

Photo by: Linda Eliasson