JuHa West, Stuttgart

Sa, 29. Juli

29. Juli 2023 - 20:30
Doors at 20:00
JuHa West, Bebelstraße 26, 70193 Stuttgart, Deutschland
About the event
CROUCH [Belgium Heavy music made by Levy Seynaeve, Wim Coppers and Jasper Hollevoet]
CROUCH was founded somewhere around 2021 when Levy Seynaeve and Wim Coppers decided the world needed a good, slow heavy band. After working together on 4 Wiegedood albums, it quickly became clear that the songwriting mojo also translated when composing Crouch songs.
When 4 songs were finished, the EP was recorded by Gilles Demolder (Wiegedood, Siem Reap, Oathbreaker). Up until then, there was no bass player and Levy recorded all the bass lines himself. This search was quite an easy task: Jasper Hollevoet, who earned his stripes in Siem Reap and Ventilator, provedto be a great match. Crouch was born and is ready to take over.

GHOST TRAIN SUPLEX [Stuttgart: Metal-Hardcore-Jazz]