Lucy Kruger And The Lost Boys, Ellereve

Hafen 2, Offenbach am Main So, 28. Mai 2023

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28. Mai 2023 - 19:30
Doors at 19:00
Hafen 2, Nordring 129, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
About the event

Ein Abend mit zwei Konzerten.

19.30 Uhr Ellereve
20.30 Uhr Lucy Kruger And The Lost Boys

Eintritt 10 Euro im Vorverkauf und an der Tageskasse.

Lucy Kruger And The Lost Boys

Musik aus dem Zwischenreich an der Grenze von Traum und Wachzustand, so beschreibt Lucy Kruger selbst ihr Musizieren. Das „Dazwischen“ bleibt ihr Thema: pendelnd zwischen ihrem Geburtsort Kapstadt und ihrer Wahlheimat Berlin, textlich zwischen Isolation und Sehnsucht nach menschlichem Kontakt und musikalisch zwischen Low und Mazzy Star. Eingepackt ist das Ganze in atmosphärische Slowcore-Klänge – düsterer, ruhiger und nachdenklicher als bei Medicine Boy, ihrem inzwischen auf Eis gelegten Duo, das mit psychedelischem Noise-Pop begeisterte. Im April 2022 erschien dann „Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts)“ das sicher einen Höhepunkt ihres Schaffens aus dieser Zeit darstellt. Passend dazu sind auch die Live-Auftritte introvertiert, intim und intensiv. Begleitet wird Lucy Kruger von den „Lost Boys“ – die übrigens nur in Teilen aus Boys bestehen, schließlich ist neben Drummer Martin Perret und Andreas Miranda am Bass auch die niederländische Gitarristin Liú Mottes Teil des Traumtänzer:innen-Ensembles. Wir freuen uns auf einen poetischen Abend auf der Nachtschatten-Seite des Lebens mit Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys! (Text:


Lucy Kruger is a musician and performer from South Africa who is now based in Berlin and Amsterdam. The Lost Boys first appeared on her debut album, 'Summer's Not That Simple (2017), which was released in partnership with Cape Town based label, Permanent Records. Since then the band has become an evolving group of musicians who assist in bringing the intimacy and urgency of Lucy's songs to life.  Her second album, 'Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls' (2019) was released by German based labels, Unique Records and Schubert Music, both of whom came into contact with her music through live performance, while she was touring as support for Laura Carbone in January 2019. Towards the end of that same year Lucy ended her own album release tour with a sold out show at The Roter Salon in Berlin. Since then (and with the support of Initiative Musik, Unique Records and Schubert Music), she has recorded two follow up albums to 'Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls'. 




Risk (live)




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Ellereve, alias of german singer-songwriter Elisa Giulia Teschner, blooms amongst the woods and mountains surrounding Munich. Here, the talented artist developed her truly distinctive style in form of intense dark rock songs, rich of emotional urgency and longing.

After the release of her debut EP “Heart Murmurs” and several single releases over the last two years, the sound of Ellereve evolved in a powerful fashion, with the new material blending electronic music elements into organic composition – which she has also performed on stages like Rockhouse Salzburg, KAPU Linz, Merlin Stuttgart, the Sound of Munich Now Festival, Stella Nomine Festival and others in recent months.

“My songs are still mostly written late at night, in my living room, when a melody on guitar or synth inspires me to develop something. But before hitting the studio, I finalize the songs in the rehearsal room with the live band.” The result of the transformative explorative experience is a true ode to heart- treading melancholy, undoubtedly the music of Ellereve unveils the unique, strong personality of its architect, stunningly portrayed through a delightful confluence of atmospheric synths, deep basses, reverb-laden and distorted guitars and dynamic drums. The recurring themes of existentialist disquiet come together revealing the introvert nature of the artist, who is a curious sound researcher moving through captivating and magical soundscapes. On March 31st 2023 will be the release of Ellereve’s debut album ‘Reminiscence‘ through Eisenwald records, followed by a tour through germany and austria.


"There is probably nothing more intimate than revealing your inner
self in a musical form shaped by light and darkness. In times where
you get to know your fears but remember, they do not have you, so you
are still choosing and daring the path through the unknown."

With 'Reminiscence"', Eisenwald proudly presents the first full-length
album by Bavarian female-fronted Dark Rock entity Ellereve.

„Never too tired to flutter through the tides of life“ are the
whispering words of Elisa Giulia Teschner’s first song „Gossamer
Wings“, accentuated by ambient soundscapes and a deep roaring bass
describing the personal journey through her debut album „Reminiscence“.

„Writing music is a process which sometimes feels like being reborn to
me. It is the magic of overcoming and growing. It is like diving into
the sea of feelings, ravished, naked, and cleansed of the brutality
and hardness of life, transforming these feelings into art. That’s why
I also wanted to portray the visual aspect of the album in a pure and
raw form only covered with the elements of nature as a constant
reminder of letting go.“ says Elisa.

Not only the water’s stream nor the heavy stones surrounding Elisa on
her album’s cover are hitting powerfully, but also her songs’
instrumentals develop like that. The music of Ellereve has been
recorded with the precious aid of her live band, which actively
complements the organic and multi-faceted songwriting of the artist.
By mashing electronic elements, folk influences, post-rock vibes, and
varied dynamics to raise intensity and tension - the Bavarian
singer-songwriter unveils her heart-treading melancholy and
introverted nature. A curious sound researcher,
Ellereve floats between captivating, magical soundscapes made of
reverbs and distortions.

Elisa taught herself how to produce music in 2019 to maintain artistic
freedom and be more independent in songwriting. The final production
was done with her good friend and producer Salomon Appiah (7Apes),
with whom she already worked on her debut EP "Heart Murmurs".

The visual side of the album was captured by the experienced hands of
Konstantin Alexandroff and Laura Patricia. The album will be released
as a limited CD edition (incl. 4 Bonustracks), various vinyl editions,
and on all digital channels.

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