XTR Human & bishkek live im Werkstatthaus - VERLEGT

Werkstatthaus, Stuttgart Sa, 17. Feb.

currently unavailable
17. Februar 2024 - 20:30
Doors at 19:30
Werkstatthaus, Gerokstraße 7, 70188 Stuttgart, Deutschland
About the event


Born in Kyrgyzstan and raised in Germany, bishkek is a one-person post-punk project. Deep, loud vocals, synthetic sounds, and melancholic guitars fuse with driving kick and snare. The feeling of a gray emptiness, fear, and the confrontation with an eerie past and future are at the heart of the sound.

XTR Human

Born in fire and tempered in the batcaves and warehouse raves of Berlin, Johannes Stabel brings a leather-wrapped hammer to gothic nightlife. A Don amongst the burnt strobes, grime-soaked venues and endless nights of Berlin, Stabel is revered for his high-energy performances as XTR HUMAN. His deeply rich and arresting vocals herald back to the dark romance of ‘80s legends, while a mere flex of his fists send brvtal blasts of bass scurrying, emotional coldwave terminated beneath a furioso of modernized hardbody EBM beats that put the Schwarz in Schwarzenegger. 

Gracing the international stages of Wave Gotik Treffen, Absolution Festival, Autumn Moon, E-Only and more since 2012, he’s shared the spotlight with the likes of Die Selektion, Qual, Filmmaker, Lebanon Hanover, Black Marble, Minuit Machine, She Past Away and other forcible figures within nightlife’s crucible. With his new record label WIE EIN GOTT assembling a cavalcade of the most robust industrial club sounds in the underground to sweep DJ decks across the world, Stabel aims to keep ears, minds and boots as shredded as his muscular grooves.