Charity Children - Almost Young

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Release Date: 08.10.2021

Side A:

  1. Kills Me
  2. Pay The Devil Too
  3. Old New Song
  4. My Alchemy
  5. Emerald City
  6. Baby Blue
  7. You Play It Cool

Side B:

  1. Now That The Love Has Long Gone From The World
  2. She Still Wants You
  3. Love Your Soul Right
  4. Give Us The Pleasure That Comes With Sleep Then
  5. Wolf Cryin’ Boy
  6. We Loved

Pre-order ‘Almost Young’ here for release on October 8th, 2021!

‘Almost Young’ is Charity Children´s third studio album, taking the band in a more experimental direction that utilises studio resources opposed to already developed, live sounds. This grand finalé captures their final time making music together, a bittersweet yet poignant tale.

Charity Children is made up of Berlin-based, New-Zealand raised musicians/filmmakers and former lovers Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee. The duo describes their upcoming album as “eclectic pop” and “unashamedly exaggerated on one track, then delicate and precise the next” as they “embrace the bi-polarity of one’s existence”. An accurate depiction of what is to be their final piece of work together. Fourteen classic and timeless songs they knew they wanted to produce but without many preconceived notions of how they should sound. Centered around their favourite instrument, the piano, in a studio setting (a far cry from the busking band days in 2011, where they sold close to 10,000 copies of their first album on the streets of Berlin), it’s an apt reflection of their experiences as a couple and apart.

Speaking about the album, Chloë explains

“Our fable would forever feel unfinished if we didn’t build up the strength, do the work, face our demons and lovingly go through this process together. Elliott and I had already been through so many hard times together and we needed a reason to celebrate life, our previous relationship and our newfound friendship.’’

We re-banded because we sincerely enjoy making music and videos together. Our friendship had found a solid base and we thought we were ready to collaborate again. In many ways, making this album was a kind of therapy for us. Despite what you might think, this ‘comeback’ record is about our troubles in and out of other relationships, our advice to friends that we wish we could give ourselves and the grief of losing someone very special - the album is dedicated to Elliott's mother.”

Elliot continues,

“The album is also dedicated to my Mum who was killed in a boat accident in 2017. That broke me and I was left with a previously unexperienced anguish that I didn't know what to do with. After singing 'Fare Thee Well', an old ‘Charity Children’ song, at her funeral I realised that another 'Charity Children' album could be a meaningful way to explore the tribulations I was feeling and also a tangible way to remember the most important person in my life. Although 'Emerald City' is the only track that directly references my Mum's death - her passing forced me to confront many difficult elements in my life. Although each song is dedicated to someone different in our lives - vehicles with which we give life advice - this is the sort of life advice that is given to others, but more directed to ourselves.”

‘Almost Young’ is released on October 8th via Charity Children Records.