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Ja, Panik • DIE GRUPPE • Music Cassette

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Our sixth Album.


  1. Enter.Exit

  2. Gift

  3. Memory Machine

  4. What If

  5. On Livestream

  6. 1998

  7. The Cure

  8. Die Gruppe

  9. The Zing Of Silence

  10. Backup

  11. Apocalypse Or Revolution

written by andreas spechtl
performed by die gruppe ja, panik
sebastian janata, laura landergott, stefan pabst, andreas spechtl
saxophone and vocals by rabea erradi
very special guest christian treppo
recorded and mixed by studios für erwachsenenbildung in sfax, deutsch jahrndorf and berlin
mastered by norman nitzsche
artwork and typeface by wurstvogel werkstätte
photos by max zerrahn

currently unavailable