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House of Harm (Postpunk, USA) & [D]Cyte (Synthpop) - Lessons Abroad in UK / EU `24

Movie Bielefeld, Discothek und live Club, Bielefeld Do, 5. Dez.

5. Dezember 2024 - 20:00
Doors at 19:00
Movie Bielefeld, Discothek und live Club, Am Bahnhof 6, 33602 Bielefeld, Deutschland
About the event

House of Harm

With production that feels part Dave Allen via The Cure and Chameleons and part early 4AD, the song “Vicious Pastimes” is a dancefloor-friendly whirl of guitars, synths, and vocals that perfectly summons shadowy touching pop moodiness that highlights a dynamic interplay between both light and darkwave. -postpunk.com-

House of Harm, an enigmatic force in the realm of underground music, defies categorization as they transcend the boundaries of post-punk.

From the moment their Demo EPs were released in 2019, House of Harm garnered a fiercely loyal global following. Sharing the stage with iconic acts such as Editors, She Past Away, Lust for Youth, Soft Kill, and the legendary Reeves Gabrels of The Cure, they've conquered a niche pocket in the indie music scene.

In 2020, House of Harm unleashed their debut LP, "Vicious Pastimes," under AVANT! records label. The album received resounding acclaim from both critics and devotees, cementing the Band's status as purveyors of a growing scene across the us and more.

Always pushing the boundaries of creativity, House of Harm recently unveiled "Taste the Light," the first of two singles accompanied by mesmerizing visuals. The Bold Exploration of sound and dynamics showcases the Band's evolution and sets the stage for their triumphant ascent.


​2023 haben Sie bei dem jährlichen „Battle of the Band-Contest“ des Musik Magazins Sonic Seducer den ersten Platz erreicht, was die drei zusätzlich ermutigte, ihren Synth-Pop-Sound auf die Bühne und in die Clubs zu bringen.

Das Electro-Pop-Trio wurde von Genre-Größen der 80er und 90er Jahre inspiriert, was man am Sound und an den Arrangements deutlich erkennen kann