XPEvo 2024 - International Trackmania Tournament

XPERION Köln, Köln Fr, 11. Okt. – So, 13. Okt.

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11. Oktober 2024 - 16:00
Doors at 16:00
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12. Oktober 2024 - 10:00
Doors at 10:00
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13. Oktober 2024 - 10:00
Doors at 10:00
XPERION Köln, Hansaring 97, 50670 Köln, Deutschland
About the event

Get ready to ignite your passion for speed and precision because XPEvo is back, bigger and bolder than ever before!

Join us from October 11th to October 13th, 2024, for the ultimate adrenaline rush at the XPERION Köln in Cologne, Germany.

XPEvo, the premier international Trackmania tournament, is set to push the boundaries of competitive gaming to new heights. Strap yourself in for heart-pounding action and intense competition as you battle it out in the stadium.

Exclusively dedicated to Trackmania, XPEvo promises an electrifying solo competition where every turn counts. Prepare to showcase your skills in 4-player Cup mode matches on meticulously crafted Mixed style maps. With 4 qualification waves leading to a showdown in the Top 128 Single Elimination followed by a nail-biting Top 64 Double Elimination Bracket, the stakes have never been higher!

What to expect at XPEvo:

  1. Cutting-Edge Equipment: Experience gaming like never before with top-of-the-line PCs equipped with the latest hardware. From high-performance peripherals to immersive headsets, we've got everything you need to dominate the tracks. Just bring your A-game and leave the rest to us!

  2. Unrivaled Sponsorship: Proudly sponsored by industry giants such as Ubisoft Nadeo, XPERION Saturn and others, XPEvo offers unparalleled support and opportunities for participants. Dive into a world of exclusive promotions and thrilling surprises, all courtesy of our esteemed partners. Gear up, rev your engines, and prepare to leave your mark on the track. XPEvo 2024 is set to redefine the meaning of esports excellence, and you won't want to miss a single moment of the action!

Ticket Information:

For XPEvo 2024, we're keeping the same ticketing structure as last year - with one important change: The entire venue is exclusively reserved for spectators and participants of XPEvo.

Basic Entry Ticket (Not for Early Bird)

For 30,00 € (excluding fees) you get exclusive entry to the venue, access to the spectator arena and can participate in all side events happening. You can also visit the XPEvo 2024 party on Saturday.

Tournament Entry Ticket

Early Bird Price: 45,00 € | Regular Price: 60,00 € (excluding fees)
The tournament entry ticket allows you to participate in the main tournament at XPEvo on top of all the benefits from the Basic Entry Ticket.

VIP Ticket

Early Bird Price: 150,00 € | Regular Price: 180,00 € (excluding fees)
The VIP Ticket is your way to an unforgettable premium experience at XPEvo. Enjoy VIP only PCs for guaranteed training sessions, be able to reserve a spot in our dedicated Streaming Booth as well as have a private hangout space where you will get free food and drinks.

We can't wait to see you all again! XPEvo is the ultimate opportunity to showcase your Trackmania skills, meet fellow gamers, and experience the thrill of competitive gaming. Don't miss out on this adrenaline-charged racing spectacle at XPEvo in Cologne, Germany. Prepare yourself for an intense battle on the tracks and an unforgettable LAN Tournament experience.

If you have any business inquiries or questions regarding the event, feel free to reach out to Evo on their Discord (discord.gg/evoesports), or keep an eye on their official website https://evoesports.gg/ and follow them on Twitter (https://twitter.com/EvoTM) or Discord for updates on tournament details, schedules, and special announcements. And don't forget to join the XPERION Discord or to follow our social media channels (linktr.ee/xperion_germany) for more gaming events and happenings in Cologne and Berlin (and in Hamburg soon).

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