Horns Erben, Leipzig

Fri, Oct 6,

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October 6, 2023 - 20:00
Doors at 19:30
Horns Erben, Arndtstraße 33, 04275 Leipzig, Deutschland
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Dynamite Konzerte
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Horns Erben
About the event

Despite being separated by 850 km of highway stretching between Hamburg and Warsaw, Paula & Karol have sDll, aEer over 10 years of working together, managed to create heart-wrenching, thoughGul, grounded-in-friendship-pop music. Paula – based in Hamburg – and Karol, living in Warsaw play music with a large family of band members in Berlin and Warsaw and consider themselves to be friends for life: “Whatever Dmes are coming, we’ll always be playing music.”That senDment – of sDcking together no maPer what distance, what crisis, what pandemic – is something that shines through their upcoming album. Aptly Dtled “Whatever Times Are Coming,” their collecDon of 8 songs wriPen over the past 3 years, is a mature album featuring pop, classic dad rock, and American folk, likening their sound to the bands they surround themselves with, including Whitney, early Hall & Oats, or Bob Dylan.

“Our music isn’t about finding the coolest new sound. Our music isn’t trendy. It’s just about being hearGelt. It’s about being honest with ourselves and what we want to express to the world. Because of that, our music hopefully hits people 10 years ago the same way it does today,” says Paula.

The songs for the album were created in different moments in the past years, making their tracks sound like eclecDc postcards from different moments of being together. “Safe from Harm” has a laid-back vibe reminiscent of a warm summer car ride. The nostalgic “Memories” has a wild, almost psychedelic sound that features improvisaDonal messiness of being at a jam session in a barn somewhere. The choir of voices singing on “Leave Me” sing about the care for another person, and about airing out any worries that somebody else won’t be around when the going gets tough. As Karol says, “This album is about caring and loving each other in a world that seems to be crashing, changing and overall in a scary place.”