Rolando Bruno

Klunkerkranich, Berlin So, 12. Mai

12. Mai 2024 - 21:00
Doors at 17:00
Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin, Deutschland
About the event

Rolando Bruno was born and raised in Buenos Aires and lived three years in Spain, before returning home to pursue his unique musical sound and vision. His current project was conceived in 2005, in tandem with his former garage punk group, Los Peyotes. But where Los Peyotes were based on a traditional rock group format, Bruno's cumbias came together in the solitude of his room, with his best friend, his computer, which he uses to create his cumbia backing tracks -- which Bruno calls his "Midi Orchestra".

Influenced by psychedelic 60s rock and Peruvian cumbia, Rolando brings us an energetic show through pure Amazonian dance in “one man band” format accompanied by
his IPAD and guitar. Just the right dose of cumbia, world music and vintage rock. But now he also perform with band.

In 2015 Bruno expanded his sound, putting together a group and reintroducing himself as Rolando Bruno Y El Grupo Arevalo; a supergroup composed of underground musicians from Buenos Aires, including members of such bands as Les Mentettes, Alfonso el pintor, Los Alamos, and Pecera. El Group Arevalo are: Rolando Bruno (Guitar Vocals). Adrian Rivoira (Bass, Vocals), Julio Molina (Keyboards), Alejandra Moro (Percussion and Vocals), Dalmiro Villanueva (Percussion and Vocals), Martin Sanjo (Guitar), Pablo Rivero( Bongos), Joaquin Ferrer (Drums). Together they've released one album El Mundo está cumbiando 2019, before Bailazo (2015). They recorded a new album and will be released during 2024 by three labels Peace & Rhythm, Electric Cowbell both from USA and DJ Cajon Records from Argentina.

Since then Rolando has brought his "cumbia trash" sound to various ports around the world, including countless shows in Argentina and neighboring countries, as well
as several extensive tours of Europe and three visits to Japan, including stops at such festivals as Funtastic Dracula Carnival (Spain) Cine Latino Festival Tübingen (Germany) Guacamayo Fest (Spain), Fuji Rock (Japan), Festival Beat (Italy), Buskers Festival (Switzerland), Barreiro Rocks (Portugal), Bestialc (Spain), Surf & Turf Outdoor (Breda, The Netherlands), SuperVlieg SuperMouche (Belgium), Lowlands Festival(Netherlands), Japan Cumbia Festival (Japan), Opeanair am Bielersee (Biel, Switzerland), and more.

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